Mid season fishing

August 28, 2017

Mid season fishing continues to be red hot with tuna and bass here in good numbers. The striper fishing has held up really well despite warm water and summer fishing pressure. Plenty of bait has kept fish active especially in the low light.
Tuna has been crazy, with the seasonal closure in effect we have been releasing two giants a day on average. The fish are mainly in the 90″ range with a few smaller fish in the mix. Commercial re opens September 1st and it ought to be quite a fall. Thank you all for checking in and thanks for a great season of charters so far!!

Spring Has Finally Sprung

May 16, 2017

Spring has finally sprung here on the North Shore!! The last few weeks have been some of the best haddock fishing I’ve ever seen. The first few trips produced some of the largest haddock I’ve seen as well with many in the high 20″ range. The cod are here in huge numbers as well but are currently off limits, most cod are between 10 and 15 pounds and will wear you out when they come through thick. Both Jeffries and Stellwagen are loaded with bait, sand eels, herring, and mackerel with birds and whales eating them all day. It looks like it’s going to be an early tuna season as the first few reports of sightings are flying through the grapevine. Schoolie bass are here in great numbers. A ton of 8-15 inch babies bode well for the future, but there is a good mix of larger fish here that have followed the herring inshore, and a major bunch of big fish that just hit the cape should be here in the next few days. Charter season is in full swing, please give me a call and we can arrange the best days for striper and tuna trips going forward, and I have a few days left before the haddock move offshore next month. Thanks for visiting!! Capt. Nat Moody

2016 Season Wrap Up

March 19, 2017

What a great year aboard the Night Heron! I would first like to thank all of the clients who make this possible. Many of you have fished with me since my first few seasons, and over twenty years later I feel privileged to fish with friends every day to make my living. The season began right on schedule with some of the best haddock action I have ever seen. Though parts of May were still chilly we had short runs and easy limits most days, fishing shallow water, to eager bites. Bass showed up in force around the tenth of May with a surprising number of 26-30” fish in with the tiny schoolies. Hope for the future for sure. By the time we wrapped up most of the ground fishing trips the bass were in summer form, with surface feeds in the harbors and rivers providing great action on the fly and light tackle. The bait situation, both mackerel and herring, was very strong most of the year, and the live bait bite stayed strong well into August. Lots of healthy fat keepers for those who wanted one for the table, with a nice mix of 40-48” fish to spice up every day. It’s always a great feeling leaving the dock knowing the fish will be at one spot or another to greet you when you put the time in. Tuna started very early as well.

Most years I’m so caught up with bass I don’t really get tuna fever going until July, but we caught giants on our first two trips of the year on June 4th and 7th. The action stayed steady all year with a better than 50% chance of catching one on every trip, in the end I fished giants 51 days and landed 26 lost 9 and released nearly thirty short fish in the 60” range. Average for the year was over 350lbs so some real monsters in the mix as well. As spring struggles to make its way in, my excitement for getting back out there climbs every day. I can’t wait to catch up with those I’ve known for years, and meet the new people that come every year. Please send me an e-mail and we can start looking at tides for the upcoming year, it will be here before you know it!!!


August 9, 2016

The summer continues to produce exciting fishing, with great action on school bass and a few keepers for the light tackle guys and some very large fish for the live bait fishermen. I’ve been having a great time on both types of trips,and with the monster bluefish that have been around of late it can get crazy quickly when they come through.

On the tuna front I’ve had success with the Giants 350-600 pound fish and it looks like that fishing is about to get really good with the bait we have around. The school tuna fishery has been hot south of the Vineyard and that body of fish appears to be heading our way. I’m looking forward to what looks to be shaping up into an excellent late summer and fall.

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to contact me any time at captnatmoody@gmail.com